Lindsey Vonn Hung Out With Jordan Spieth and Tom Brady Before Looking Electric While Rapping Onstage With Vanilla Ice

To say that Lindsey Vonn has been killing it lately would wrongly infer that Lindsey Vonn ever stopped killing it. Every time she makes headlines the world gets just a little bit hotter. This week, we have Under Armor to thank for bringing Lindsey back into our world via spotlighting her, amongst other athletes, during Armor Day 2016.

Thank you, UnderArmor. Besides looking great, Vonn was seen partying with Jordan Spieth and Tom Brady. But we all know the real reason you’re here: to see Lindsey Vonn look hot and rap onstage with Vanilla Ice.

Not going to lie, Vonn takes the whole groupie thing and turns it on his head. Even though it’s Ice’s song, I’d pay top dollar to go to a live concert where Vonn sang all of his songs and he just walked around the edge of the stage like a hype-man/burned out 90’s star. Also, for more Vonn heat, you can always peep her Instagram.