The Fan That Charged The Field Last Night To Hug Messi Documented His Entire Thought Process On Twitter

Rushing the field during a professional sporting event is definitely on my bucket list. I’d say go streaking but, you know, I don’t want the men of the world to feel inferior after seeing my finely sculpted ass race across their television sets (read: I have the rice-pudding-in-a-ziploc-bag physique of a blogger and am so ashamed I lie to myself about it). Unfortunately, I’ll probably never be able to rush any field until my personal brand has built up enough fame to A) Get me seats close enough to the field that I can race on without being stopped and B) Am successful enough that being arrested on live television doesn’t negatively impact future employment. And, since that’ll probably never happen, I have found myself stuck in a limbo of enjoying other people’s field stormings.

Enter Micheal Soto, probably the newest face of Lionel Messi extreme fandom, who rushed the field last night in order to bow down to Messi and get some pictures with him. Despite the fact that the cameras weren’t rolling when Soto made his break, his Twitter followers got front row seats to his thought process as he prepped to make his run.

Thankfully, since it’s 2016, the rest of the world had their camera phones running as well.

Even professional photographers got in on the action for us.

Messi field rush 2


messi field rush 3


For everyone concerned of what happened to Micheal himself, no worries, the kid made bail.

Live long and prosper, Mikey Mike, we need more men like you. I need more men like you.

[h/t Deadspin & SB Nation]

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