Watch This Little Kid’s Ankles Fall Off From A Nasty Crossover, And Pray He’ll Be Able To Walk Again



If you’ve ever stepped foot in a YMCA, you know that the dude with the most accessories is the shittiest player on the court. No questions asked. He’s even shittier than the dude with rec specs and running shoes. It’s science. There are zero exceptions. So was I surprised to see the dude in the authentic Durant jersey and the knee high socks get absolutely humiliated? Absolutely not. I was, however, a bit caught off guard when I saw his leg twist in six different directions. And I love the awareness of the dudes on the sidelines, filming it knowing that the poor bastard was in over his head. “Timmy’s playing, guys! Grab your phones, he’s due for a colossal fuck up.” That he was, fellas. That he was.

Sidenote: I almost wasn’t going to post this simply because the dude missed the wide open layup. I hate him for that. Hate him. Fuck that dude.

[H/T Barstool]

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