LIV Golf Lists Hilarious Lists Of ‘Career Highlights’ For Its Players On Its Official Website

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For a brief while, it appeared that the startup, Saudi-backed LIV Golf league might actually pose a threat to the PGA Tour.

LIV poached a number of the game’s biggest stars and recent top players, with names such as Bryson Dechambeau, Brooks Koepka and Cam Smith leading the way.

But the reality has been far different.

In fact, the ratings for the latest LIV Golf event on The CW were so bad that LIV may well be better off going back to streaming its event on YouTube.

Now, it’s still a new league and a lot could change in the years to come. But for the time being, LIV has become more of a running joke than an actual competitor to the PGA Tour.

And the league isn’t exactly helping itself.

Take, for instance, Bubba Watson’s hilarious reasoning for why he says he left the PGA Tour for LIV.

Then there’s the case of LIV Golf’s official website.

Now, players like Dechambeau, Koepka, Smith and others have plenty impressive resumes. But you wouldn’t know better if you took a look at some of the site’s official “career highlights” listings.

Let’s dive into some of those, shall we?

LIV Golf Lists Laughable Career Highlights For Its Players

Bryson Dechambeau: “Famously utilizes single-length shafts in his irons.”

Dustin Johnson: “Has won two events in Saudi Arabia.”

Matt Jones: “Considered one of golf’s fastest players.”

Harold Varner III: “Played in the final group with eventual champion Brooks Koepka at the 2019 PGA Championship

Chase Koepka: “Is Brooks Koepka’s brother.”

Okay, so maybe that last one isn’t true. But all the others are. You can find those nuggets and more on LIV’s player profile pages.

But fans found the whole things pretty laughable.

LIV undoubtedly has the talent to make its league viable. Whether it has everything else that goes into making a successful golf league is questionable to say the least.