Bubba Watson Speaks On Why He Joined LIV Golf And Absolutely No One Believes Him

Bubba Watson speaks to the media.

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Bubba Watson joined LIV Golf in July of last year, a decision that’s led him away from the PGA Tour. The two-time Masters winner opened up about that choice this week.

On Monday, the lefty said that his decision to join the Suadi-backed league was actually influenced by his children. He believes that LIV is getting the younger generation more interested in golf.

Watson spoke to the media about the transition, saying the following.

“My 10-year-old son was sitting in the bed with me, and we were watching golf on the TV, and he knew the Aces – everybody knows the Aces, they keep winning. He knew the Aces; he knew the Stingers…

“Now that professional golf has a team event, we’re going get below 60-year-olds watching Golf Channel to 10-year-olds now wanting to watch.

“I think we’re on to something with LIV, and that’s why I want to be a part of it. My 10-year-old son never watched golf, and now he watches… My eight-year-old daughter now understands the teams… That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Bubba Watson says that his motive behind joining LIV Golf was to grow the sport and advertise it to the youth. Many on social media don’t necessarily believe that.

Some fans noted the money received as being the motivating factor behind leaving the Tour. Watson reportedly signed with LIV for more than $50M.

No one actually believes that Bubba Watson’s kids now know everything about LIV players and teams, or that the new league’s gotten them more interested in the sport. The PGA and its players are much more visible considering the CW was the only broadcast bold enough to agree to a TV deal with LIV.

It seems like yet another PGA defector falsely claiming that they’re not just in it for the money.