LOL: The Browns Tell Johnny Manziel He’s Going to Be a Backup Quarterback

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Getting a very strong Matt Leinart vibe from the latest report out of Cleveland, where  Browns owner Jimmy Haslam just told Manziel he’s probably going to be a back-up quarterback. Via ESPN:”

Cleveland owner Jimmy Haslam says the Browns have told Johnny Manziel to start acting “like a backup quarterback.”

Haslam praised Manziel for being an “ultracompetitor” but reiterated that Brian Hoyer is the team’s starting quarterback and Manziel will have to beat out the veteran in training camp. Haslam made it clear that Manziel “is not the starter. Johnny’s the backup.” 

Haslam spoke on Manziel while addressing a luncheon in Canton, Ohio, at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The owner said the team was not scared off by the celebrity that comes along with Manziel, adding that the Browns told Manziel “this is not Hollywood” and that he will have to come to Cleveland ready to work hard.

Manziel’s new teammates are happy to have him, but they’re not ready to anoint him as the Browns’ starter at quarterback.

“I think good old Johnny Football is going to be a good addition to Cleveland,” center Alex Mack said Monday. “Don’t know who the starter is going to be, though.”

Drafted by the Browns AND going to be a back-up quarterback. Life sure is looking grand for good ole Johnny Football. Manziel at Texas–Texas A&M game in a couple years:



Glory days.

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