People Held Strong Opinions About Spurs’ Rookie Lonnie Walker Hating On The 4th Of July

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The San Antonio Spurs picked University of Miami product Lonnie Walker IV with the 18th pick of this year’s NBA Draft. Before the 19-year-old has played one professional regular season game, he has one controversy to his name.

Yesterday, as Americans were getting loaded on domestic beers and chomping down hot dogs in celebration of all that is American, Walker took to Twitter to offer a contrarian point of view. He tweeted, and then deleted, the below:

“Will never celebrate 4th of July. Know your history!! and stay woke.”

As you may have guessed, hundreds of people who saw the tweet dropped their cole slaw and took offense to the McDonald’s All-American’s tweet. Check out some of the backlash below:

Walker could have just tweeted this to be an irritator. Back in May during the NBA combine in Chicago, Walker dropped a truth bomb about the nature of the earth:

“The earth is not flat, in my opinion, but the earth, on my conspiracy, the earth is definitely an illusion.”

Truth, man. Truth.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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