Watch The Los Angeles Dodgers Commit 3 Throwing Errors On One Astoundingly Poor Play


Scoring runs against Clayton Kershaw is a nearly impossible task. The traditional avenues of timely hitting and plate discipline don’t work.

The Colorado Rockies may have discovered the blueprint for getting on the board against the Los Angeles Dodgers ace last night. There’s a bit of a catch, though.

It involves patiently waiting for the Dodgers to make three separate throwing errors on one play.

Yasiel Puig, A.J. Ellis and Hanley Ramirez all made poor throws in rapid succession to allow the Rockies to score two runs on what looked to be a routine flyout to center. It was like when the Monstars took all the talent from NBA stars and they suddenly turned into uncoordinated messes. Just like that.



The only flaw in the strategy is that the Dodgers went on to win anyway as Kershaw notched his Major League-leading 18th win.

Baby steps.

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