Louisville Cheerleader Reveals Notre Dame QB Ian Book Broke Her Nose With Errant Throw, Jokes About It On Twitter

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book’s most memorable throw last night wasn’t one of the 14 he completed, or the one he threw for a touchdown in a 34-17 Fighting Irish win on the road.

Book’s most replayed throw came in the fourth quarter when he tried to throw a ball away but instead committed an unintended assault on a poor Louisville cheerleader.

Try to watch the clip below without involuntarily muttering “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”

This is exactly how romances start in the movies: “Hey sorry I rearranged your face, but me and the guys are going to grab a chocolate shake and do some binge drinking down at the creek. You may not want to drink with a level 60 concussion, but maybe we can neck in the back of my dad’s 1969 Dodge Charger.”

The Louisville cheerleader, who goes by the name of Liz, evidently hasn’t suffered brain damage to the extent she cannot make light of the situation on Twitter.

A very turn-the-other-cheek response to someone whose nose got turned sideways.

Thoughts, prayers, and my phone number go to Liz during this difficult time.


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