Love This Texas H.S. Football Coach Casually Slipping A Ref Some Dough Post-Game


“You p(l)ay to win the game!” – Herm Edwards

Look, there’s no way this coach from Calhoun High School in Texas wasn’t bribing the referee here. That’s as bribey as a bribing handshake can get. AND he got caught on local television…then told the tallest tale I’ve ever heard trying to cover it up.

From The Big Lead:

“Prior to the game Thursday night, there were poker chips laying on the field,” Whitaker told me. “These poker chips, we found out later, were being used by one of the bands that uses the field. They use them as markers. Prior to the game, Terry football coach Tim Tekyl — he and I have been friends for many years, since the mid-90’s — he reaches down and picks up one of those chips, hands it to me, and says, ‘Put this in your pocket. It will bring you good luck tonight.’ This was all in good humor.”

“And so, after the game, again all in good humor, I reached out and handed the poker chip to the official,” Whitaker continued. “What you don’t see on the video is when he passes by, he sees it’s a cheap poker chip. He starts laughing, I start laughing, we point at each other, and I walked off. That is it. Coach Tekyl can tell you the same story. The official has been contacted. He has the poker chip in his bag. It’s a meaningless poker chip with no value whatsoever. He has it in the bag with his whistle. That’s the story. If social media wants to make this out to be something else, that’s not true.

Pretty smart of the coach to pay the refs with poker chips instead of cash so that he could fabricate a story like this if he was ever caught on live TV, ehhh?

I see you Coach Whitaker. And I love the hustle. But use Venmo next time and just put a little football emoji in the payment description. Way less noticeable.

[via The Big Lead]