LSU Alums Plan On Wiping Out All The Booze In Syracuse, Declare Themselves Tailgating Champs

If there’s one thing we all know about tailgating, it’s that we all think we’re the fucking kings of it, taking no prisoners in the copious amounts of alcohol we slam or the number of ribs, burgers and hot dogs we shove into our mouths.

But no one tailgates harder than LSU Tigers Alumni tailgate—so says, you guessed it, LSU Alumni.

Planning on bringing 7,500 raucous Tigers fans to Syracuse this weekend for the team’s football game against the Orange, LSU Alumni Association VP Jason Ramezan told that they’re going to drink the town dry, via

“I’ve gone places in the past where they’ve run out (of alcohol). They might meet their alcohol budget for the year.”

Oh, but BRO KING, Ramezan didn’t stop there, declaring that LSU is the undisputed champs of college football tailgating, adding:

“Tailgating at LSU is a science and it’s a religion, and in the fall,” he said, “it’s almost better than the game.”

Damn, homey, you think that you have the best tailgate on the planet? You know who else says the same thing, EVERY SINGLE COLLEGE, dude!

Until LSU does something as wild as Buffalo Bills fans during their tailgates like get shitcanned and go headfirst into a bus or RKO a dummy and nearly knock themselves unconscious, I won’t believe that they’re the best at tailgating.

[H/T The Big Lead]