LSU Football Player Travez Moore Details His Nearly 30-Pound Weight Loss After Contracting COVID-19 Months Ago

LSU football player Travez Moore says he lost nearly 30 pounds after battling COVID-19 months ago

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It’s been a banner year for LSU football, as the team ended its 2019 season by winning the College Football National Championship back in January, following the leadership of head coach Ed Orgeron and riding the golden arm of reigning Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow. But, like everyone, the football team has also been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic, with a reported 30 players contracting the virus in recent months, leading Orgeron to say this a few months ago to The Advocate.

“[W]e did have a little spike. Now it’s going down. I think it’s under control.”

Considering all of the LSU football players who got COVID-19 are young, generally healthy and college athletes, one would imagine that, based off of those being most impacted by the novel coronavirus, older people, these guys wouldn’t really be at risk, right? Well, one of the team’s linebacker’s, Travez Moore, has a story for every young person to hear: This shit isn’t fake, so you better take it seriously.

Moore knows firsthand how COVID-19 can impact a person; even if it’s a young person. That’s because the senior college football player says he’s still feeling the impact of the virus months after his positive test, and detailed how he lost nearly 30 pounds because of it.

That’s scary AF, and should serve as a wakeup call to everyone to wear a mask, keep practicing social distancing, and do anything possible to eliminate the spread of this damn thing — as if that isn’t already what most of us are doing anyway. But, just in case people needed a reminder about how COVID-19 can impact a healthy, young, active person, Travez Moore’s story sure does that.

Given what the LSU football player went through, it’s no surprise that Moore is cautious about the college football season happening this year; which he proved during a Twitter conversation with someone bout his post above.

There are still so many questions surrounding the future of college football (and all sports) in the next few months. Travez Moore’s experience battling COVID-19 is clearly one that the NCAA needs to think about as it tries to come to a conclusion to start the regular season as planned. With Pac-12 players already threatening to sit out games unless they get paid through a revenue-sharing model and give better protections against the virus, it’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening in the next few weeks.

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