Mavs Fans Freak Out After An ‘Upset’ Luka Doncic Says It’s ‘Tough’ To See Longtime GM Donnie Nelson Get Fired Amid Team Drama

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  • On Wednesday the Dallas Mavericks fired longtime GM Donnie Nelson
  • According to a report from ESPN Luka Doncic was “upset” over the firing
  • Doncic, who had a close relationship with Nelson, told the media it was “tough” to see the GM who drafted him get fired
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There appears to be some serious friction between the Mavs and Luka Doncic and fans are not taking it well.

Earlier this week, The Athletic dropped a bombshell report that revealed Doncic was having issues with the team’s consultant Haralabos Voulgaris, who is reportedly seen as the team’s shadow GM.

Via The Athletic

Internally, there are concerns the front office’s dysfunction has hurt its ability to do so — and that poor relationships Doncic has with key members of the franchise, including Voulgaris, could impact his current desire to remain in Dallas long-term

Dallas announced Voulgaris’ hiring in the fall of 2018 with a title — director of quantitative research and development — that vastly understated his actual role. Multiple league and team sources tell The Athletic that Voulgaris has been the most influential voice within the Mavericks front office since joining the team, either initiating or approving virtually every transaction made over the past two seasons. Those same sources add that Voulgaris has frequently gone as far as scripting the starting lineups and rotations for longtime head coach Rick Carlisle.

As Cuban blew off the report as “total bullshit”, the team went on to fire longtime GM Donnie Nelson which apparently didn’t sit right with Doncic considering the two had a close a relationship.

“Donnie was fired, he’s been there since 1988 and I’ve heard that one guy who’s really upset about it,is the guy you don’t want upset about it. Luka Doncic. They were really, really close.”

On Thursday morning Doncic released a statement on how it was tough to see the Mavs part ways with Nelson, the person who drafted him back in 2018.

Mavs fans immediately started freaking out due to the fact that Doncic doesn’t seem happy in Dallas right now.