New Footage Of Mac Jones’ ‘Dirty Slide’ Has Everyone Comparing Him To Grayson Allen

Mac Jones' 'Dirty Slides' Have Everyone Comparing Him To Grayson Allen

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

The New England Patriots quarterbacks have been a hot topic of discussion recently. Especially after Bill Belichick benched Mac Jones after just three drives. However, Jones is facing some criticism, as multiple videos of a “dirty slide” has everyone comparing him to NBA star Grayson Allen.

Mac Jones’ Slides Remind Everyone Of Grayson Allen’s Dirty Plays

Dov Kleiman shows a clip of both slides Jones took in the game against the Chicago Bears. One is much more clear than the other, as it appears the Patriots quarterback kicks Jaquon Brisker in the nuts. However, in the other clip, you can see Mac Jones kick his leg out at Brisker during a completely different play.

Is it dirty? Or is Jones simply trying to protect himself? Most believe Mac Jones is legitimately playing a dirty game. Especially after Nick Wright conveniently reminded everyone of the Patriots quarterback appearing to gator-roll Brian Burns’ leg from last season.

So, it appears we have three dirty plays within a year (two of which are in the same game). For that reason, it has everyone comparing Mac Jones to NBA star Grayson Allen. Of course, Allen has a history of making dirty plays. He has way too many videos of doing so.

I mean, someone even made an entire “highlight” reel of Grayson Allen playing dirty throughout his college career.

At the end of the day, Mac Jones’ actions do appear to be dirty. However, it’s not 100% clear if it was intentional or not. Maybe he’ll address the situation down the road, but for now, many are left to speculate about the Patriots quarterback.