Rapper Manages To Mention Every Pro Sports Team In Under Three Minutes

mac lethal pro sports rap


You’ll never see his name at the top of the charts, but Mac Lethal is an incredibly talented technical rapper who has made a name for himself thanks to his ability to consistently churn out YouTube videos showcasing his impressive ability. He might make the kind of rap songs that would cause you to lose your aux cord privileges if you put one on at a party, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a time and a place for them.

Mac might be a novelty act, but that hasn’t stopped him from racking up over 800,000 followers and tens of millions of views since he first started making a name for himself online a few years back. He’s gained a loyal following thanks to videos showcasing his lyrical dexterity like his newest one, in which he manages to mention every major professional sports team— including MLS clubs— in under three minutes.


Did he forget to mention the Brooklyn Nets? Yes, but he also said he was talking about pro sports teams, so I think we can let that one slide.


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