‘Madden’ 15 Out Today — Celebrate With A Graphic Proving ‘Madden Curse’ Is Legit

I’m a firm believer in curses, and not just in sports, but in life.

Here’s how firmly I believe in curses — four friends and I went to Vegas for five days and none of us bought condoms out of fear that the dude who bought/brought would be the one who went home without hitting the vagina jackpot. Skip to the last page of this story — all five of us got laid. All five us got an STD but we’re talking about curses here people. Focus, please.

The Cubs fan with the goat is real. The Sports Illustrated cover curse is legit. The Madden cover curse is no joke. If you think it’s all a bunch of crap, check out this graphic that compiles all of the Madden cover boys and their not-long-after trip to the bench, the IR and even early retirement.

Madden 15 hits stores today. You’ve been warned, Richard Sherman.

Click here for a downloadable version of the graphic.