The Madden 15 Super Bowl Simulation Was Scary Accurate

by 4 years ago

Last Monday I wrote about the Madden 15 simulation of the upcoming Super Bowl. Here’s what I said. It’s not great writing so bear with me.

For a many, many years the Super Bowl was an annual letdown. The better team would completely throttled the weaker team and people would grow bored with the blowout.

Fortunately that trend has subsided as NFL parity has become more of a reality.

But few Super Bowls have matched the greatness of what EA Sports is forecasting. Their Madden 15 simulation has the New England Patriots pulling out a miraculous 10-point comeback victory against the Seattle Seahawks on the strength of a last-minute Julian Edelman touchdown reception.

Hey. Wait a minute. That is what actually happened.

That robotic sound you hear is The Singularity creeping ever closer.

Watch their simulation below for further clues about our future. While the Madden people must be thrilled by the additional publicity, I am a little nervous about mankind’s place in that brave new world.


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