Hilarious ‘Madden NFL 20’ Glitch Looks Like A Lethal WWE Finishing Move As Defender Spins WR Before Body-Slamming Him

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Madden NFL 20 is supposed to be the most realistic sports video game out there. Key word there is “supposed,” because, as we’ve seen time and time again with a bunch of hilarious glitches, the digital version of the NFL doesn’t always deliver on its promise to give gamers that experience.

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, something new creeps up to prove that, just maybe, the developers over at EA Sports are completely messing with us, just sitting back and laughing at the absurdity that some plays on Madden NFL 20 give us. Case in point? One of the latest glitches from Madden, which sees a defender literally pick up a wide receiver on his shoulders after a completed deep ball, spin him around a bunch of times and then body-slam him to the ground as if it’s a finishing move to capture a WWE Championship belt.

Thanks to the Twitter account SLAM Gaming, we’re able to all share and laugh at the nonsense together, so take a look below.

Could you imagine being the offensive player here? Just when you think you have an apparent touchdown, Madden NFL 20 goes into full-on glitch mode, sending your wideout into a dizzying madness that ends with him pummeled and embarrassed, lying on the turf. If only this happened in real life.

For those who love seeing insane glitches from Madden NFL 20, here are some other prime examples of the game just F’ing with us, reminding us that, as much as we want the video game to be realistic, deep down, it’s just that, a game — so hold back your anger as much as possible if these happen to you.

With a three-day weekend coming up and absolutely nothing planned, here’s to those gamers out there who plan on playing a bunch of Madden NFL 20, which, no doubt, will give some great glitches to add to some of the above examples.

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