Magic Johnson Reportedly Wanted To Fire Rob Pelinka But Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Wouldn’t Let Him

Magic Johnson Reportedly Wanted To Fire Rob Pelinka

The Lakers blame game has begun and everyone involved with decision making in team’s front office is starting to point their fingers at each other.

Yesterday afternoon there were reports going around that Lakers president Magic Johnson hadn’t spoken to Luke Walton for weeks and was viewed as an “absentee executive”.

Last night, Magic surprisingly stepped down as Lakers president of operations because he was tired of all the “backstabbing” going on in the Lakers organization.

On this morning’s edition of ‘First Take’ Stephen A Smith reported that Johnson wanted to fire Pelinka but Jeanie Buss wouldn’t let him.

Rob Pelinka the general manager, Rob Pelinka is perceived as the individual who has been talked about that was at Lakers facilities constantly joking around where’s Magic? To bring attention to the fact that Magic was perceived to be an absentee executive. Magic Johnson obviously wanted to fire Luke Walton. She (Jeannie Buss) was going to let Magic Johnson do whatever he wanted to do with basketball operations as it pertains to the coach. Pelinka is an entirely different matter. He’s there because of his relationship with Kobe. Magic inherited him like Magic inherited Luke Walton, wasn’t necessarily the guy Magic wanted. I was told Magic Johnson walked into there and talked with them about wanting to get rid of not just Luke Walton but Rob Pelinka as well. And that’s when Jeanie Buss got her back up.

Stephen A Smith goes on to say that Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka denied that Magic wanted Pelinka fired.

Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka called me last night categorically and emphatically denying that there’s any truth to that whatsoever but either it’s Adrian Wojnarowski or Ramona Shelburne or a host of other NBA reporters. All of us have heard this in the last 12 hours

The Lakers are a fucking mess right now and it’s probably the smart move for Magic to step down.

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