Magic Johnson Discusses The One Time He Talked Trash To Michael Jordan And Why That Was A Very Bad Idea

magic johnson michael jordan

Talking shit to Michael Jordan is like entering a dick-measruing contest with Lexington Steele. I’ll never forget the story about how Jordan told Muggsy Bogues in a playoff game, “Shoot it you fucking midget,” and how Muggsy confesses that that single sentence ruined his career. Or in 1992 when a group of college studs beat the Dream Team in a closed-practice scrimmage. During the rematch the following day, MJ said “I got him,” pointing at eventual NBA All-Star Allan Houston. As legend has it, Houston didn’t touch the ball for two hours and the Dream Team demolished the college stars and reinforced themselves as the greatest team ever assembled.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s that there is no conceivable way that prodding and poking at the best and most unforgiving basketball player to ever touch a basketball could result in anything but embarrassment, even for one of the best point guards to play the game.

Magic Johnson learned that the hard way, and came clean to Jimmy Kimmel about the one time he talked shit to MJ and awoke a monster.