Major League Baseball Is Getting Roasted For Their Terrible 4th Of July Caps

Major League Baseball Is Getting Roasted For Their 4th Of July Caps


  • Major League Baseball, once again, is getting mocked for a special uniform design.
  • This time it’s for the league’s red, white, and blue 2022 4th of July caps.
  • Many on social media were not impressed by the Independence Day weekend wardrobe accessory.

Major League Baseball has proven time and time again that it can literally screw up just about anything.

This is especially true when it comes to the league’s decisions on special uniform designs (see: 2021 All-Star Game, Players’ Weekend 2019).

Why Major League Baseball struggles so hard to come up with decent alternate designs for team uniforms is one of life’s great mysteries when Minor League Baseball teams are able to do it so well year after year.

This season is no exception as MLB has once again made the masses groan with a new uniform design, or well, cap design.

For the 4th of July weekend, all Major League Baseball teams will be wearing caps slathered in red, white and blue. Yes, even the Toronto Blue Jays.

Check it out…

One certainly has to wonder what Major League Baseball was thinking when they decided to have a Blue Jays cap covered in the stars and stripes.

Baseball fans are not very happy with Major League Baseball’s 4th of July caps

Baseball fans, never ones to shy away from criticizing the powers that be in the game, were quick to jump on social media to express their displeasure with MLB’s 4th of July caps design.

“Between the City Connect hats and the 4th of July one, the Rockies have unleashed an all out ocular assault on us all,” one person wrote on Twitter.

He’s not lying.

“Looking forward to the @MLB releasing the Canadian flag inspired hats for the @Yankees & @RedSox and all other AMERICAN teams for Canada Day on July 1st,” another fan commented. “The @BlueJays are CANADA’S team. We don’t celebrate the 4th of July. Keep your stars & stripes away from our team & country.”

“I get the 4th of July hat every year, but these are worse than hideous,” complained another fan.

Between all the Toronto complaints and the plethora of MAGArelated comments, Major League Baseball has once again managed to successfully screw something up that should in reality be very, very simple.

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