People Really Hate (Or Absolutely Love) The Colorado Rockies’ New City Connect Jerseys

People Really Hate Or Love The Rockies New City Connect Jerseys

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If there is one thing every baseball fan knows, it’s that Major League Baseball is really good at doing things badly. This has been especially true when it comes to the uniforms players wear (see: 2021 All-Star Game, and 2019 Players’ Weekend).

However, last year, Major League Baseball took a cue from the NBA and let Nike design what they’re calling the MLB City Connect Series uniforms.

Nike and MLB absolutely crushed it in 2021 with the “Southside” Chicago White Sox jerseys and the Marlins’ “Miami Vice” unis.

Then this year, Major League Baseball released perhaps their most popular jersey yet in the Houston Astros’ “Space City” kits.

Fans have strong opinions about the Rockies’ new City Connect jerseys

Sadly, this is Major League Baseball, after all, and all good things must come to an end.

On Friday, the Colorado Rockies unveiled their City Connect uniforms and, well, there is very little middle ground here. Fans either absolutely hate them or think they are cool AF.

“The Rockies City Connect jersey features a design that celebrates not only Colorado’s natural beauty and grandeur, but the spirit of adventure and determination that drives Colorado residents to conquer any challenge in front of them,” MLB said in a release.

Oh yeah, they also look a lot like Colorado license plates. Believe it or not, that was actually done on purpose.

“While the uniform series is called City Connect, it was important they represent fans across the state,” said Rockies Owner, Chairman and CEO Dick Monfort. “As a Colorado native, I am proud that these uniforms embody the character of Colorado and the unique sense of pride we have in our home-state. I am beyond excited to see them come to life on the field on June 4 at Coors Field.”

If nothing else, the new Colorado Rockies jerseys at least accomplished one rare feat. It got people talking about the Colorado Rockies.