Makoto Nagano, One Of The Most Skilled Athletes Ever, Runs The Ninja Warrior Course A Final Time Before Retiring

Makoto Nagano is known by fans as the ‘World’s Strongest Fisherman’, and for much of his life he’s been spending 300 days each year training on his fishing boat in Japan to compete on Sasuke, the original Ninja Warrior competition.

This year marked Makoto Nagano’s 32nd Sasuke competition (including All-Star events), and also his last as he announced his retirement prior to his final run. Above is the full/unedited cut of Makoto Nagano’s final Sasuke course run and watching this it’s painfully clear that the show just isn’t going to be the same without it’s most recognizable face, one of the original three athlete personalities who made the show so great.

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I could spend all day talking about how gifted of an athlete The Fisherman is, and about what he achieved on the Ninja Warrior course, but I’d rather you go read up on him for yourself if you’re not familiar (Wiki Page Here), or you can just check out his run below in which he won it all:

Total. Freak. Of. Nature.

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