Guy Wins Arizona Amateur Tournament After Shooting An 84, Which Is Pretty Strong Seeing As How He ONLY USED A PUTTER

man wins arizona amateur tournament with only putter


Apparently playing golf with 14 clubs isn’t fun or challenging enough for some people out there. Anthony Griggs is one of those people, but he takes things to a whole other level.

Griggs, a soon to be 61-year-old member of the Golfweek Amateur Tour, recently won the D flight of a tournament in Chandler, Arizona after firing an 84. For a lot of people, an 84 is a score to forget, but Grigg’s 84 is something to remember seeing as how he did it while only using one club: his putter.

From tee-to-green, the man only used his putter and he got around the course in just 84 shots; it’s absolutely insane.

Imagine being the other golfers in the flight that just got beat by a guy that only used his putter.

According to Golfweek, Griggs drives the ball over 200 yards off the tee with his flat stick and it’s pretty clear he keeps it in play given his round of 84.

If you’re like me, when first reading this headline you thought ‘why the hell would someone only play with their putter?’ According to Golfweek, Griggs became a pretty good player with all 14 clubs in his bag and simply got bored so took on the new challenge of playing with only a putter.

After becoming a pretty good traditional player, Griggs got bored with the game and an acquaintance suggested that if he wanted to challenge himself again, he should play with just a putter. While practicing on the range, he decided to give it a try and found that with some trial and error he could hit the ball pretty well.

He’s been using only a putter on the course ever since.

As for the putter he uses, he originally played with a Scotty Cameron, which seems like a horrendous idea seeing as how those are some of the most expensive putters on the market, but he managed to break that one. He then grabbed a $3 putter from Goodwill and that’s what he’s been using ever since.

So, next time you go out and post a score higher than an 84 just remember the name Anthony Griggs and know that he can beat you with his putter.