Manny Pacquiao Gets Dropped By Nike After Making Anti-Gay Comments

manny pacquiao


Superstar Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is reportedly getting dropped by Nike after making what many considered to be inappropriate anti-gay remarks when he compared homosexuals to animals.

via TMZ

Multiple sources tell TMZ Sports … Nike is preparing to cut ties with boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao after his latest round of anti-gay comments.

The two sides have had a relationship since at least 2006 — but we’re told Nike is particularly disturbed after Pacquiao said gay people are “worse than animals” … and intend to drop the boxer for good.

We’re told the move is not official yet — but there have been multiple discussions and we’re told it appears to be heading in that direction.

Pacquiao, who is currently running for a Senate seat in the Philippines, apologized for the comment but didn’t back down on his views on gay couples getting married by saying he’s still “against same-sex marriage because of what the Bible says.”

H/T TMZ, Complex

Update: Nike has made it official. They will no longer be working with Manny Pacquiao


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