This Map Shows NCAA Tournament Predictions From Each State

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It’s finally March Madness time, bros, meaning we’re all just trying to get through Championship Week unscathed and prepared for the start of the NCAA Tournament next week—which means lots of beer and a little hooky from the ol’ office.

With millions of us planning to fill out a bracket this year, Facebook and Sports Betting Experts polled people from around the country to figure out which school each state predicts will win the whole shebang, and here are the map results:


The top-three teams with the most state votes were Kansas with 18, Villanova with 7 and Virginia with 6, which tells me that I should not pick Kansas, Nova nor UVA to win it all based off of the fact that the country just jinxed them.

Whoever you go with, good luck, bros—and you’re going to need it, ’cause I’m going for that perfect bracket this year.

[H/T Kansas City StarSports Betting Experts]

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