This Map Shows What Each State’s Favorite Gameday Snack Is And, Yeah, We’re All Fatties While Watching Sports

by 3 years ago

Bleacher Report

If there’s one thing that’s a must-have while sitting on our asses and doing nothing but watching sports all day, it’s good food. I’m not talking about some veggies and dip with some Gatorade, guys, but a full feast of greasy and tasty shit like chicken wings, quesadillas and pizzas.

Since we’re all fatter than we’d like to admit, DirecTV did some research to find out what each state’s go-to gameday snack is—and some of the results are actually surprising.



For instance, who would’ve thought that Wisconsinites are eating pasta more than they are cheese? Forget shocking, that’s just fucking stupid seeing as how I eat cheese for breakfast while in the shower each morning.

Some of the other ones are pretty funny/random—like how Georgians prefer hash browns above anything else while watching their sports teams. Weird, right?

Fuck it, give me a platter of each of these things and I’ll house it all.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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