Marcus Hall Finally Making Bank on His Iconic Double-Bird Moment


One of the lasting images of last year’s college football season was Ohio State offensive lineman Marcus Hall saluting the Michigan Stadium crowd with two flying middle fingers.

The post-ejection meltdown cost him precious playing time in the Big Ten title game as the Buckeyes lost to Michigan State. You might think Hall would want to distance himself from that lowlight. If so, you’re solely mistaken.

After all, he has bills to pay.

Signed photos of Hall giving the two-fingered salute have been popping up on sites such as eBay and in central Ohio memorabilia shops.

Under Hall’s autograph is his jersey number (79) and the phrase “4x gold pants,” which refers to the four trinkets he earned during his five-year Ohio State career by beating the archrival Wolverines.

Hall also is scheduled to sign “the most popular image of the year” during an autograph event in Ohio on Feb. 22, according to An 8” x 10” signed photo will set you back $15, while a 16” x 20” is $25.

What is it about Buckeyes and merchandise? They’re like moths to a flame when it comes to this stuff.

On the bright side, your search for the perfect gift for any Ohio State or Michigan fan is over.

[H/T: Fox Sports]