Marcus Smart Tried To Draw The Foul Last Night But Instead Looked Like He Stepped On A Landmine

by 3 years ago

It’s not much of a secret that Marcus Smart always seems to be looking for the foul. Which isn’t neccessarily a bad thing…if you can sell it. Which he can’t. Proof? How about this flop during the 4th quarter of last night’s playoff nail-biter against the Hawks.

In the realm of the NBA, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that. There have been some flops, for sure, but none as egregious as that. That was less ‘drawing a foul’ and more ‘Dear Vince McMahon, I don’t think you’ve been getting my WWE audition tapes since you still haven’t called, so check this out’. Did Kyle Korver even make contact with him or did Smart get knocked from getting brushed by his jersey? Also, if you’re going to throw yourself to the ground in an attempt to get the ball back, why toss yourself to the floor with your arms out to break your fall? “Ok, great, we got the ball back, but I’m pretty sure I just broke my wrist. Yep, ok, can’t move that. Definitely broken.”

While the Celtics went on to win, Smart is pretty much the laughing stock of the internet right now, so I’m sure he’s hoping that he can do something amazing in the next games to make people forget about his one-way trip to flop city. Like actually sell a foul.

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