ESPN’s Maria Taylor Tries To Get Woke Twitter Outraged Over Baylor Final Four Photo, Fails Miserably

maria taylor baylor final four tweet

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Logging onto Twitter is not a positive experience, it’s actually the exact opposite of that, it’s a boiling cesspool of ridiculous statements and opinions on any subject your brain can imagine. One reason it’s such a negative place is that some people’s agenda on Twitter is to simply to stir the pot, cause some outrage, watch the world burn, and piss off a portion of the Internet. That appears to have been Maria Taylor’s goal on Tuesday.

Following Baylor’s win over Arkansas late Monday night, SportsCenter tweeted out a graphic explaining that the Bears are making their first trip to the Final Four since 1950. Something as simple as tweeting out a statistic and a picture of a basketball player isn’t safe from scrutiny these days, however.

Scroll down to see Taylor’s reaction, which was an all-time ‘look at me, look at me’ tweet.

Taylor saw this as an opportunity to create some fake outrage, get some retweets, and maybe even trend, so she decided to quote the tweet reminding everyone that the Baylor women’s team won the national championship back in 2019. It appears she may not have looked at the actual graphic, however, as it clearly says ‘2021 Men’s NCAA Tournament’ right underneath the Baylor logo.

Taylor either didn’t see the ‘Men’s NCAA Tournament’ note in the graphic, didn’t care about it, or thought her followers were too stupid to notice it. Either way, Taylor failed in awakening woke Twitter. Given the other asinine things that people get mad about on Twitter, Taylor likely thought she had a home run here, but she struck out.