Mark Cuban Doesn’t Want To Hear The Name DeAndre Jordan, Punks Out Chris Broussard

Whether you know him as the Dallas Mavericks brash, billionaire owner, or just that snarky shark from the TV show Shark Tank, Mark Cuban has proven to be one of the biggest bros on the planet.

Seemingly, a techy nerd who got lucky by being really fucking smart, Cuban has made a name for himself by pretty much doing what he wants, when he wants, usually resulting in something good for him.

One situation that didn’t work out for Cubes, though? This whole free-agent signing of DeAndre Jordan thing.

After getting a verbal agreement from Jordan last week that the up-and-coming star would take his talents from the L.A. Clippers to Cuban’s Mavs, DJ renegged and got cold as fuck feet, literally locking down his house from anyone who wasn’t a member of the Clips organization.

// would piss-off more than just a few people, but it especially made one of the richest men in the country boil. While speaking at the Presidential Leadership Scholars Graduation yesterday, the moderator noted that Cuban, “had a tough night last night,” going on to say,” Without rehashing all the details of the DeAndre Jordan commitment,” which is when Cuban interrupted and took a dig at the player by joking, “Aw, you had to say his name.” Give Cuban cred for even being so playful about the whole thing. I mean, if I flew on my private jet to talk with a prized free-agent, calling, texting and doing anything the fuck I could to get ahold of the person without reply, then got stood up, I might not be so cheeky. Cuban went on to explain the whole scenario in the most boring, politically correct way ever, making sure he left those scholars with a life lesson. Oh, but anyone who’s familiar with Cuban’s personality knows he couldn’t just bow out like that. No, he took to his app ‘Cyber Dust’ to further explain his side of the DeAndre saga which became a 72-hour drama that was better than any reality TV show in recent memory.


Addressing shit that was reported online from ESPN’s Chris Broussard about Cuban’s attempt to get in touch with Jordan, the Mavs owner gave a play-by-play breakdown of what it was really like getting left at the altar.

In biz, Cuban rarely loses. But, when he does end up on the opposite end, props to being rad as fuck and giving fans an unfiltered version that isn’t skewed by media—just remember to not mention the name DeAndre Jordan in front of him for a long time.

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]

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