Old Report About Why Jon Gruden Cut Marquette King In 2018 Sets Twitter On Fire After Email Scandal

Marquette King Jon Gruden racist emails

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  • NFL fans are revisiting an old report about Jon Gruden’s decision to cut Marquette King in 2018
  • Gruden allegedly released the flashy punter over his “personality,” but the recent email scandal has people questioning his true motives
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On Friday, we were treated to the kickoff of the newest season of the literal reality show known as Well, That Escalted Quickly courtesy of Jon Gruden, who found himself in scalding water thanks to an email he sent in 2011 where he used some Very Problematic Language to describe the lips of NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith.

On Sunday, The New York Times published more emails that didn’t exactly paint Gruden in the best light—including one where he deployed some homophobic slurs to bash Roger Goodell. It didn’t take long for Cancel Culture to strike again, as the head coach of the Raiders added “former” to the beginning of that title when he resigned from the position on Monday night.

On Tuesday, Gruden’s past came back to haunt him yet again after NFL fans turned their attention to a report that came out in 2018 that suggested he cut Marquette King from the Raiders roster a few months after returning as the head coach of the team over issues with the electric punter’s personality.

Plenty of people were surprised by King’s release when the news first broke, as he was one of the more reliable players on a team plagued by inconsistency. However, the racist overtones of Gruden’s email concerning Smith led many people to speculate “personality” was a euphemism for another factor that may have played a role in King getting cut.

There’s obviously no way to know why Gruden really cut King—unless there are some more emails just waiting to see the light of day.

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