Duke’s Marshall Plumlee Got A Gnarly Broken Nose And STILL Played Like A Madman In ACC Tourney

Whoa, guys, if Duke Blue Devils center Marshall Plumlee ever had his toughness questioned prior to today, he shut everyone up with his performance in the ACC Tournament against N.C. State.

That’s because Plumlee dropped 17 points, grabbed 10 boards, blocked four shots and helped lead the defending national champs to a victory with a broken nose that looked as if he had been in a fucking street fight.

The injury occurred after Plumlee’s teammate, Matt Jones, inadvertently elbowed the big man in the schnoz, sending Marshall to the sideline to get checked out, before he, somehow, sucked it up and returned to action.

Noses aren’t supposed to go in that direction, so kudos to Marshall Plumlee for being much tougher than I would be had this happened to me.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]