National Treasure Marshawn Lynch Tried To Light A Blunt With A Humongous Ceremonial Torch

marshawn lynch torch blunt

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On Christmas Eve, the Oakland Raiders decided to give their fans an early present in the form of a win over the Denver Broncos, proving Mark Davis and Jon Gruden aren’t even competent enough to put together a team that knows how to tank properly.

However, the win meant more than it normally would to the team’s fans, who witnessed what may have been the last game played in Oakland before the team relocates to Las Vegas.

Say what you will about their current state but the Raiders wouldn’t be where they were today without the help of the slightly more competent Al Davis, who handed control of the team to his son after his passing in 2011.

To commemorate his memory, the Raiders erected the Al Davis Memorial Torch and have tapped a number of notable names to light the flame ahead of games.

On Monday, that lucky person was Marshawn Lynch, an Oakland native who came out of retirement to join his city’s team last year.

Lynch hasn’t been able to do much to aid the Raiders after a groin injury put him on the injured reserve list back in October but that hasn’t stopped him from being the Marshawn Lynch we all know and love— like when he recently stopped into a city council meeting wearing socks with sandals.

However, we may have reached peak Marshawn on Monday night, as someone captured the running back using the ceremonial flame for what appeared to be the best use possible: lighting a blunt.

I’m sure you have as many questions as I do and I regret to inform you I don’t have the answers, as I don’t know what flavor it was or if it contained any mind-altering plants legally available for sale in the state of California.

I didn’t need any more proof Lynch was a national treasure but I have to say I’m glad I got some.

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