Marshawn Lynch Randomly Talks About Taking A Dump, Drops F-Bombs While Doing Commentary In Fan Controlled Football League

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Marshawn Lynch definitely has a future in commentary.

On Saturday, the retired NFL runningback made his broadcast debut on the Fan Controlled Football league where he serves as an owner and a player.

During the league’s first game, Lynch jumped in the booth to talk about how he was going to eat some food, take a shit and jump on the field to play.

I’m going to go ahead and throw back this Caesar salad with the croutons and all this shit, and go ahead and take me a nice fat shit, get my stomach all right and everything. and then I’m going out there and run for 200 on a 50 yard field.

Apparently, Lynch also dropped a ton of f-bombs while in the booth.

Fans loved Lynch’s random unfiltered commentary