Marshawn Lynch Keeps Chicken Wings In His Socks To Eat Later

by 3 years ago

Marshawn Lynch is an interesting dude with a unique approach to the human experience. But all of his other quirks are dwarfed by this one.

He stores chicken wings in his socks.

The bombshell was contained in a profile of Lynch’s charity work.

At one point Lynch is delivered some chicken wings on the field and he stuffs a few extras in his socks. Yes, you read that right, for a few minutes this millionaire, Pro-Bowl running back was coaching football on a warm July afternoon with chicken wings in his socks, which he later removed and ate.

Marshawn. MARSHAWN. You are rich, Bro. You don’t have to do the meat sock thing anymore.

Like, if you had a friend who did this, you’d lend him $5 to buy some ziplock bags. And you’d be worried.

The fact that this happened in the oppressive July heat is equally troubling. I was ready to hear BOTH SIDES but now I just want to wander the streets looking for answers.

[H/T: Seahawks]


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