Legendary F1 Commenter Hilariously Mistakes Paolo Banchero For Patrick Mahomes At Miami GP

Sky Sports / ABC

  • Martin Brundle was let loose on the track prior to the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday.
  • His interviews with unknowing American celebrities and athletes were truly hilarious.
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Retired F1 driver Martin Brundle is 62 years old and has become a legendary staple in the sport as a commenter. He is very knowledgable in the sport of racing, but it became abundantly clear on Sunday that he doesn’t know much about basketball.

Prior to the first-ever Miami Grand Prix, Brundle was in the paddock and on the track with the drivers, their crews and all kinds of celebrities. The pre-race coverage is unlike any other in sports and the unfettered access to everything and everyone is unmatched.

Martin Brundle’s gridwalk is a big part of F1’s pre-race coverage.

He spent his time in Miami speaking to anyone and everyone that he could.

Many of them did not know who he was, which made the entire thing even funnier.

At the same time, Brundle wasn’t always sure exactly who he was talking to either.

Of the people that he was able to interview, Brundle’s time with (a very confused and caught off guard) D.J. Khaled was incredible. Brundle interrupted him mid-photo session with Serena Williams, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, which only made things funnier.

And then Brundle pulled Venus Williams. She clearly had no idea what was going on and the uncomfortable moment made for truly hilarious television.

Shortly thereafter, Brundle ran over to who he thought was Patrick Mahomes. It was not. It was Paolo Banchero.

Understandably, Banchero was very confused. Brundle had no idea who he was and he had no idea who Brundle was.

Brundle’s shtick never fails. All-in-all, it really couldn’t have been more entertaining.