Pro Golfer Martin Kaymer Is Pissed Off That People Are Kicking Tiger Woods While He’s Down

by 11 months ago

Martin Kaymer Tiger Woods

Sometimes we forget that our heroes or sports superstars are also human beings. Human beings who are, oftentimes, far less perfect than we previously thought them to be. Tiger Woods is the perfect example of that. Before his 2009 cheating scandal, his life seemed perfect. He was the best player to ever touch a golf club, he had a beautiful wife and he was swimming in cash. So much cash. But since then, every single stumble or injury along the way has caused more and more scrutiny. It is as if people are getting off by seeing him suffer.

Yesterday, two-time major champion, Martin Kaymer sought to put an end to all the nastiness. He posted this two-minute video reminding people that Tiger, like all of us, is a real human being who has flaws and feelings. Maybe we forgot that along the way. Maybe his almost robotic approach to the media made people think he was made of stone. Or maybe we just live in a nasty fucking world where people get enjoyment from watching others suffer. What ever the case may be, Kaymer is right. Tiger Woods deserves far better than what fans and the golf media have been giving him.

What do you thing?

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