Matt Fitzpatrick Didn’t Realize He Hit A Hole-In-One At The U.S. Open And Had The Best Reaction After Finding Out (Video)

Matt Fitzpatrick at the 2023 U.S. Open

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There were plenty of questions concerning how golfers would fare when the 123rd U.S. Open kicked off at Los Angeles Country Club thanks in no small part to the unique nature of a course that seem poised to cause plenty of problems before Rickie Fowler and Xander Schauffele ruined that narrative with their record-breaking first rounds.

One of the biggest topics of conversation was the number of par-3s at LACC, as a tournament that’s typically hosted at a tract with four short holes features five of them this year (although you could argue “short” is the last word you’d want to use to describe the 11th hole that’s playing at 290 yards this week).

The 15th hole, on the other hand, is a bit more manageable, and both Matthieu Pavon and Sam Burns were able to take advantage of the 124 yards the par-3 was playing on Thursday to record a couple of hole-in-ones to help their own cause.

There’s been some speculation the USGA will make the 15th so easy it ends up being hard with a pin location that could be just 78 yards from the tee at some point over the weekend, but players who navigated LACC got a bit of a reprieve on Friday when stepping up to a hole that was measuring in at 115 yards.

That included defending champion Matt Fitzpatrick, who was +1 for the tournament and had recorded a par at every single hole over the course of his second round before stepping up to the 15th and hitting a perfect shot onto the green to record the third hole-in-one we’ve seen at the U.S. Open so far.

Fitzpatrick knew he hit a solid shot, and he was already making his way down to the green by the time it landed.

However, he glanced down at the worst possible moment, as he appeared to miss the ball falling into the cup but had the perfect delayed reaction after hearing the crowd go wild before celebrating with his caddie as well as playing partner Cameron Smith.

At least he’ll have that video to remember it by.

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