Max Homa Starts An Awesome Twitter Thread Where He Roasts His Followers’ Golf Swings And It’s Pure Entertainment

max homa roasts followers golf swings twitter

Getty Image / Streeter Lecka

The golf swing is something unique to every golfer. No two swings are the same, which means that some are far better than others. If you want to get technical, pretty much every swing has some sort of flaw involved, it’s just that some of those flaws are more obvious with some swings.

Well, PGA Tour player Max Homa had some fun pointing out the said flaws of golf swings of some of his Twitter followers and the thread is pure entertainment.

There’s just something about people getting roasted in the golf Twitter world when it comes to their swings that result in an instant laugh. It probably has to do with these golf swings being so bad they should be labeled NSFW and Homa’s commentary just adds to the hysterics.

Here are some of the best from the Twitter thread, with a breakdown from yours truly about what we’re seeing in these swings:

Not a bad swing for a 61-year-old dude, but the grip is way too strong here and there’s no question about it, that ball went left and left fast.

Speaking of going left, do you think this guy plays a draw, just maybe? My guess is this man has played some hockey in his day.

This cat has watched one too many George Gankas videos on Instagram. It’s certainly not a bad move to try and recreate or make your own, but this guy needs to work on the swing speed to get to that level. I like the grind and the towel in the armpits though.

As a lefty myself, I had to save the lefty roast for last. I’m not sure he could physically align himself any further left for this shot, but that’s fine. I don’t hate the slow and easy move, but it’s lacking a lot of speed here. That slow and steady move is reserved for big dudes like Ernie Els, not the weekend warriors like ourselves.

Heres to hoping that Homa’s trend will catch on with other guys on Tour.