Maxx Crosby Calling Joey Bosa A ‘Crybaby’ Is The Cherry On Top Of Bosa’s Recent Drama

Joey Bosa

Getty Image / Joe Scarnici

It’s been a rough go for Joey Bosa lately. From his on-field antics to his run-in with Philadelphia Eagles fans, maybe it’s time to slow things down.

Now, Las Vegas Raiders star Maxx Crosby calls out Bosa during an appearance on a podcast with Barstool Sports.

Dov Kleiman shares a quick clip of Crosby talking about Joey Bosa. He clearly doesn’t seem to be a fan of the Los Angeles Chargers star. Especially considering Maxx Crosby calls him a “crybaby.”

To be fair, Bosa has kind of provided enough material for Crosby to come to this conclusion. Things kind of took a turn for Joey Bosa when he slammed his helmet not once, but twice.

Then, of course, Bosa embarrassed himself by letting Eagles fans get under his skin.

Maxx Crosby’s harsh criticisms make sense based on what has recently transpired.

Clearly, there is enough material right now for Maxx Crosby to come to his conclusion. Hopefully, Bosa can just move on from the recent drama as the offseason unfolds.