Mel Kiper, Who Consumes A Ridiculous Amount Of Pumpkin Pie, Shows Proper Way To Eat A Slice

A slice of pumpkin pie sits on a plate.


Mel Kiper is going viral once again for his love of pumpkin pie. The NFL Draft analyst, who claims to eat 2-3 pies a week, recently showed viewers how one should go about devouring a slice.

At the 2023 Draft, Kiper detailed the proper way to eat the pie, which includes very little crust and a ton of whipped cream.

The first round of the annual event kicked off on Thursday night as fans watched an unpredictable and highly anticipated selection process. We saw three signal callers go over the first four picks, though none of them was Kentucky’s Will Levis, who at one time was trending to be the top overall choice.

That led to an awkward on-air moment as Levis sat at his draft table only to watch 31 other players hear their names called.

While the storylines of the first night were entertaining to watch unfold, often the second and third days are of less interest to football fans. To fill time, we start to hear non-football related stories from co-hosts in the booth.

One of those co-hosts is analyst Mel Kiper.

On Saturday, we were reminded of his love for pumpkin pie, as well as taught a lesson on how to properly indulge.

Kiper’s infatuation with this snack, which most don’t typically eat outside of the holiday season, is nothing new. It’s been a topic of discussion in the past, though it seems to have a way of coming back up year after year.

This edition of the draft was no different.


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While many already knew of the ridiculous amount of pie Kiper consumes on a weekly basis, he went further this weekend to fill everyone in on how to properly enjoy the dessert.

In maybe his most entertaining breakdown of the draft, Mel Kiper says that pumpkin pie should be eaten with whipped cream on every bite.

He also states that you should never eat the crust. “That’s hydrogenated oil.”

Fans quickly chimed in on the pie-eating strategy.

One person wrote, “It’s a THIN line between genius and madness.”

Someone else said, “That’s some serial killer behavior.”

Mel Kiper’s love for pumpkin pie is truly bizarre. Do you agree or disagree with his strategy?