MLB Season Begins In Earnest As Mets’ Bullpen Blows Lead, Fans Lose Their Minds

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Sure, it might’ve taken an extra couple of days, but similar to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, destiny arrived all the same: the New York Mets have finally begun their 2021 season and they did so in gloriously Mets-like fashion.

After having their season-opening series against the Washington Nationals cancelled due to COVID protocols, the Mets began their 2021 season on Monday night against the Philadelphia Phillies with Jacob deGrom, the sport’s best pitcher, on the mound.

deGrom was absolutely cruising, tossing six scoreless innings on just 77 pitches. Any manager would love to see their ace dominating like this right? Nope, wrong!

charlie murphy wrong

Mets manager Luis Rojas decided that taking deGrom out after 77 pitches and handing the game to the Mets’ perpetually shaky bullpen was the better idea. Guess what happened next? That’s right, the Mets’ bullpen utterly melted down, giving up five runs in the bottom of the eighth, leading to the Mets ultimately losing 5-3. Mets fans, and baseball fans in general, reacted exactly how you’d expect, therefore *truly* marking the beginning of the 2021 MLB season.

The Phillies were obviously thankful for the remarkably boneheaded decision, as franchise star Bryce Harper told reporters after the game that the Phillies were “happy” to get deGrom out of the game.

“We were happy as a team, of course, getting one of the best pitchers — if not the best pitcher in the entire world — out of the game.”

Now, as for why Rojas decided to pull the best pitcher on planet Earth after six scoreless innings?

“It came down to the six ups, going out for six innings, and he hasn’t thrown in 10 days,” Rojas said.

“The conversations with him between innings led us to pull him. I thought it was in agreement with everyone (to pull him) after 6.”

The New York Mets will get their chance at redemption — or another chance to further torture their fans — tonight when they take on the Philadelphia Phillies at 7:05 p.m. EST. They’ll have Marcus Stroman on the hill tonight, so if manager Luis Rojas decides to mismanage and blow the game, at least he’ll be doing so without the world’s best pitcher on the mound, saving the baseball world the pain of *yet another* blown Jacob deGrom win. That man deserves so, so much better.

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