U Miami Player Dances On Pitcher’s Grave With Cartoonish Bat Flip After Game-Winning Dinger

If it were up to me, we’d see a lot more pitcher shaming on all levels of baseball. Batters would get a bonus if they whipped out their dicks after a game-winning dinger and helicoptered it in the pitcher’s face. Well, maybe that’s pushing it. But regardless, I like the trend.

This bat flip was done by Miami’s Edgar Michelangeli, who hit a 3-run go ahead bomb to gainst NC State in the ACC tournament. Edgar spent a good 19 seconds admiring his work before flipping the bat like a quarter.

What is not in the above video was the reaction from jilted NC State players as Michelangeli rounded the basement. Consensus: less than pleased.

Burlington Times-News

Michelangeli’s shot, admiration of his home run and subsequent trot around the bases brought some shouting among those on the field, including all four umpires trying to keep peace.

“I don’t think too many things were said. I know the umpires tried to speed up the process, told him to get around the bases, but it’s college baseball,” [NC State’s Preston] Palmeiro said. “I’m sure some guys said some stuff, I might’ve said a word or two, but it’s over and it’s in the past.”

I thought there was no crying in baseball.


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