NFL World In Shock Following The Dolphins Decision To Fire Brian Flores

NFL World Reacts In Shock With Dolphins Decision To Fire Brian Flores

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  • The Miami Dolphins surprisingly fired Brian Flores on Monday.
  • The vast majority of NFL fans were absolutely shocked by the news.
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Each and every year when ‘Black Monday’ rolls around following the conclusion of the NFL regular season there are very predictable moves to be made. Brian Flores being fired by the Miami Dolphins was not one of those moves.

Less than 24 hours removed from beating the New England Patriots, for the second time this season, Adam Schefter reported that Flores was out as the Dolphins head coach.

The news also comes after the fact that the Dolphins had won eight of their last nine games of the regular season before finishing 9-8 on the year.

Flores Appeared To Be Turning Things Around In Miami

Flores took over a bad Miami team in 2019 and after going 5-11 in his first season, he helped lead Miami to a 10-6 mark in 2020. The team had absolutely no business sniffing a winning record last year with rookie Tua Tagovailoa available to start just nine games due to injury and Ryan Fitzpatrick sliding in under center.

Then of course you have this season with the Dolphins winning their season opener against the Patriots before losing seven straight games. The fact Flores was able to turn things around and win nine games was a serious feat in most people’s eyes, but not Miami ownership, apparently.

The kicker here is that Flores was unable to lead Miami to the playoffs in his three seasons. Most NFL coaches don’t get a fourth year after missing out on the playoffs three years in a row, and here we are.

Nevertheless, the NFL world was absolutely shocked with the news of Flores’ firing: