The Miami Marlins Unveiled Their Completely New Logo And Uniforms

Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

The Miami Marlins identity crisis continues. For the third time in their 25 year existence, the franchise has changed their entire look–a new logo, new uniforms, and new colors for the 2019 season.

The new logo shows a marlin leaping in “Miami Blue”, “Caliente Red”, “Midnight Black” and “Slate Grey” imprinted over a stitching over a baseball. The typography of the “Miami Marlins” text is influenced by Latin-American flare. According to, the Marlins describe the logo as being “vibrant in ways that uniquely represent the Miami community” while it “embodies refinement and style, with a focus on looking forward – towards the future.”

Here is the evolution of the Marlins logos over its 25-year existence, from its initial branding as ‘Florida Marlins’ to its re-branding in Miami over the past six years.

Via SportsLogos:



Let’s check in with Twitter to see how they’re taking to the new look Marlins.

I actually dig the Miami Vice vibe and full disclosure, there are some positive reviews of the logo/uniforms online, but THAT’S NOT WHAT GETS THE PEOPLE GOIN!



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