A Mic’d Up Joey Votto Asked Ozzie Albies If He Should Get A Diamond Tooth And Fans Loved It

Micd Up Joey Votto Asks Ozzie Albies If He Should Get A Diamond Tooth

ESPN / MLB.com

  • Joey Votto was mic’d up on Opening Day, talking to the announcers in the booth during the game.
  • As a result of that fans got to hear his conversation with Ozzie Albies about getting a diamond tooth.
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In case you missed, Major League Baseball is back. Tuesday was Opening Day for many teams, including the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves who faced off at Truist Park.

As a part of the day’s festivities, during the broadcast of the Reds and Braves game Tuesday night, Cincinnati first baseman Joey Votto was mic’d up so he could talk to the announcers in the ESPN booth.

In the fourth inning, Joey Votto, out of the blue, informed the announcers that he was thinking of getting a gold or a diamond tooth.

So when Ozzie Albies smacked a single and spent a large portion of the inning on first base they asked Votto to see what the Braves second baseman thought of the idea.

“Ozzie’s not dealing with a midlife crisis like me,” Votto joked (but not really… case in point below). “Ozzie’s a young buck, nothing but a bright future.”

Mic’d up Joey Votto asked Ozzie Albies if he should get a diamond tooth while holding him on at first base

“Hey Ozzie, what do you think about me getting a diamond tooth?” Votto asked Albies.

“Go for it,” Ozzie replied.

“Okay, there we go. Go for it,” Votto told the announcers. “Yeah, why not?”

“Get it!” Albies egged on.

“They told me to ask you,” Votto then told Albies. “I said I wasn’t going to ask you. You’re much too young. I’m midlife crisis guy.”

Baseball fans couldn’t get enough of the conversation between the duo they didn’t know they needed.