Michael Irvin Seriously Believes The Dallas Cowboys Go Undefeated This Season

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Michael Irvin may have officially lost his mind.

Over the weekend, the Cowboys lost their preseason opening game after committing 17 penalties, leading to an angry Mike McCarthy ripping his team during halftime.

McCarthy also addressed the penalties after the game.

“It’s not good enough football. It’s not good enough. We’ve gotta be better there. … We battled through some penalty situations but we have to make sure we get all these substitutions [and] get everybody in the game.”

“This is preseason. I don’t think this has anything to do with last year. But I didn’t like the number of penalties. I made it clear. I talked about it at halftime and I talked about it briefly in there (the locker room). We’ll take a long look at it.”

During Monday’s episode of First Take, Irvin stated that he believed the team could go undefeated and chase the 72 Dolphins if they cleaned up their penalties.

NFL fans immediately roasted Irvin over his hot take.