Allen Iverson Says Michael Jordan Welcomed Him To The NBA By Calling Him A ‘Little B****’ The First Time They Met

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Earlier today Complex released an extensive interview with basketball legend Allen Iverson where he talked about everything from meeting the Notorious B.i.G, to his relationship with Michael Jordan, and how he inf

One of the best stories in the interview is how Iverson says Michael Jordan used some NSFW language to greet him into the league.

The first time I ever talked to him was that year playing in the rookie game, I’ll never forget it because he said “What’s up, you little bitch”, I looked at him like alright man.

Despite acting like a tough guy, Iverson admitted that he was star struck the first time he faced MJ on the court.

I was a fan, that’s what I’ve always been, and he’s there glowing and looking down and damn he got on the Jordans…that was my guy that was my hero, but once they tipped the ball in the air, you’re going to remember #23 tonight like you always have but when you leave you’re going to remember #3 too

Iverson expanded on how Jordan would never let him forget how he crossed him up.

I went to a Charlotte game once and I was telling how much he meant to me and how much I rocked with him and he was like man you don’t rock with me like that because you wouldn’t have crossed me like that

A.I. was proud of his crossover moment over Jordan.

I always knew that when I got into the league I was going to try my move with the best, he was just a victim that night

To this day Iverson crossing up Michael Jordan is one of greatest moments in NBA history.

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