The Latest Episode Of ‘The Last Dance’ Confirms Michael Jordan Is A Psychopath And Would Have Probably Been A Serial Killer If He Didn’t Play Basketball

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Before ESPN’s documentary “The Last Dance” we all knew that Michael Jordan was the ultimate competitor. What we didn’t know was that Jordan was an absolute psychopath that would do anything to motivate himself to win games.

In episode 8 of The Last Dance we got several prime examples of Jordan’s psychotic behavior.

During the 1996 NBA finals, Jordan said he was extra motivated to crush the Sonics because their head coach George Karl didn’t say hello when he saw him at a restaurant.

Then came the story of LeBradford Smith. One night, Smith dominated Jordan and scored 37 points while MJ struggled on the offensive end. After the game, Jordan claimed that Smith mocked him by saying, “Nice game, Mike.”

Jordan then completely humiliated Smith in their very next game by scoring 37 points at the half. Jordan went on to admit to reporters years later that Smith never made the “nice game” comment and that he had made it all up just to motivate himself to get back at Smith for embarrassing him.

And finally, poor BJ Armstrong made the mistake of celebrating after beating the Bulls in the playoffs as a member of the Charlotte Hornets something MJ did not like.